Theodora Golf Club (Romania)

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World's Best Golf Clubhouse 2023

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About Theodora Golf Club (Romania)


Theodora Golf Club is the first professional 18 -hole golf course in Romania and it' s uniqueness is given by the longest course in Europe- par 6- 735.

Located in the heart of legendary Transylvania, Theodora Golf Club provides exceptional facilities and services within a relaxed and welcoming environment.

The premium golf course has a total area of 56 ha, total length: 6158 m, counting 4 courses par 3, 10 courses par 4, 3 courses par 5 and 1 course par 6. The golf facilities include a covered driving range with integrated audio-system and 20 practice slots, practice areas for putting & chipping and a indoor golf simulator.

The Club House architecture is impressive and unique: among the fewest clubhouses in the world with a view over the entire golf course.

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