Dolce CampoReal Lisboa

Nominated for

Portugal's Best Golf Hotel 2019

2019 Nominee

About Dolce CampoReal Lisboa


There is a place where majesty meets serenity. Where rolling hills meet idyllic countryside, where even the air is fresher. Right there, in the center of this place, sits Dolce CampoReal Lisboa, located only 30 minutes from Lisbon and 20 minutes from the beaches of Santa Cruz and the medieval town of Óbidos.

The Dolce CampoReal golf course, designed by the renowned architect Donald Steel is a challenging par 72 with 18 holes, crossing the beautiful scenery a the protected area, nominated as one of the 100 most sustainable destinations in the world in 2015. Stage of the Ladies Open 2010/2011, it was built on land formerly used by the Portuguese royal family as a hunting reserve. A pleasant course, suitable for any player that winds through the hills, valleys and vineyards that stretch to the horizon.

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